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Our quality assured service follows the requirements of the Swedish Work Environment Authority for trackable devices and calibration certificates. Our tehnical service is located in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Service contracts

We offer three different kind of service contracts when you purchase an instrument. A garantee service contract which usually applies to the product purchased. Maintainance service which we provide for our product as well as other well known brands. We are on call to help with unexpected problems that may arise with our emergency service. Give us a call at +46 8-752 00 40. Having a service contract will insure your company´s workflow efficiency and allow for better planning and investments.

Calibration certificates

Every year our measurement devices are calibrated by a third party. Exova Metech and Pentronic AB attest certification to our service personal. You can download these certificates here: 


Calibration certificate Temperature Robert Hillar 2018 ( pdf )
Calibration certificate Temperature Jan Nilsson 2018 ( pdf )


Calibration certificate Stroboskop Robert Hillar 2018 ( pdf )
Calibration certificate Stroboskop Jan Nilsson 2018 ( pdf )

CO2 Analyser

Calibration certificate Gas Analyser Jan Nilsson 2018 ( pdf )


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Hettich Labinstrument only offer products that are produced in ISO-certified processes.

Our products have the CE trade mark and fullfills EU demands.


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